How TagBand Works

The TagBand skin tag removal kit is a DIY home treatment solution that works by using a small rubber band applied close to the base of the skin tag. Once applied correctly it will start working straight away to reduce the skin tags lifeline. For a skin tag to survive it needs a regular flow of oxygenated blood. This is vital to the skin tags growth and survival. Once the oxygenated blood to the skin tag is reduced to a significant level it will start to change colour as it begins to die before removal.

Step by step

  • Clean the skin tag and surrounding skin area with one of the supplied swabs
  • Push the band up and onto the end of the cone or end of Auto TagBand device
  • Place the cone section over the skin tag and once level with the skin remove the band
  • Leave the band attached to the base of the skin tag and it will fall off when removal is complete

*Easy to understand instructions are supplied with every kit.