Auto TagBand Skin Tag Removal Kit

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How TagBand works

The TagBand skin tag removal kit is used to remove skin tags by significantly stopping their blood supply.

Skin tags can’t survive without a constant oxygenated blood supply. The TagBand device works by applying a small band tight to the stem of the skin tag, significantly stopping the blood supply.

By removing the blood supply the skin tag will start to die. It will change colour and drop off once the skin tag has died leaving only a small blemish. The time this method will take to work will depend on the size of the skin tag. However, most skin tags will drop off within 7 days of applying the band.

  • A TagBand is placed at the

    base of the skintag

  • The skin tag’s blood

    supply will be cut off

  • The skin tag will then

    drop off

Results can be achieved very quickly with TagBand. Some skin tags will be removed after just a few days of application. The average skin tag removal time is around 7 days and the skin tag will first change in colour and may shrink in size before dropping off.

It's that simple

Watch our video and see how simple TagBand makes it to get rid of skin tags.
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