TagBand Questions

Q. How much time will the TagBand take to remove skin tags?

A. The Tagband method may take anywhere from few days to a week to remove the skin tags. The skin tag begins to shrink and change color after the blood supply to the tag gets cut off by the Tagband device post which it drops off on its own.

Q. Are the results you achieve permanent?

A. Yes, this method removes skin tags permanently with zero chances of their growing back. When the band is positioned on the tag, the blood supply gets cut off and the tag starts to change its color and reduces in size. The tag removal band stays in place over the tag till it dies and gets removed with the tag when it falls off.

Q. Is the TagBand device easy to use?

A. Yes, Tagband is an easy-to-use device and is made to be extremely friendly to the user. For skin tags in difficult areas, Auto Tag band is used to safely remove tags with single manual operation. The package comes with detailed instructions that are easy to follow to achieve best results.

Q. Is the TagBand suitable for all skin tags?

A. The tagband is available in two sizes to suit skin tags of all sizes. Medium to large sized skin tags can be removed with our standard sized tagband while Micro Tagband is used for small sized skin tags. There’s an option to get your order replaced for free in case the Tagband you select does not fit the skin tag securely.

Q. Can the TagBand be used on all parts of the body?

A. You can use the Tagband to remove skin tags on all parts of your face and body except for tags on the sensitive eye area. You need to visit a medical practitioner if you want to get skin tags around your eyes or eyelids removed.

Q. When should I not remove skin tags with Tagband?

A. If you ever got diagnosed with skin cancer or a pre-cancerous growth in the past, you should not attempt to remove skin tags yourself with the Tagband method. Furthermore, it is not advised to use Tagband removal kit on broken skin or around the eyes.

Q. What size TagBand do I need?

A. Bigger skin tags that measure 4mm to 6mm at their widest point should be removed with standard sized Tagband Kit. The Micro Tagband kit is designed specifically for smaller skin tags measuring from 2mm to 4mm. Skin tags that measure less than 2mm can’t be removed successfully with our tagbands. For safe removal of such tags, another method called Dermatag should be used. www.dermatag.co.uk

Q. Can I use the normal size TagBand device with the Micro refill pack?

A. No. The bands for both refill packs are meant to be used with devices of same size. Using Micro Tagband with normal sized Tagband device may lead to overstretching of tagband causing it to snap.

Q. What skin complaints is TagBand suitable for?

A. Tagband removal kit is made specifically for removing skin tags. This method should not be used for other skin conditions like moles and warts. It is advised to get the skin growth examined by a doctor ensure that it is a skin tag before trying the at-home skin tag removal kit.

Q. How does the 60 day full money back guarantee work?

A. IWe offer 60 days full money back guarantee for satisfaction of customers. You just need to send us an e-mail before returning any order if you feel the Tagband or Micro band is not suitable for you. We will then send you a revert with all the details required to return the order. Refund is made as soon as we receive the package of returned order. You can locate our e-mail address on Contact Us page of our website.

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?

A. If you want the product to be delivered the very next day, we advise you to place the order through Amazon link available on Buy Now page of our website. All orders placed through Paypal are sent from UK and may take around 10 working days to arrive. We ensure that the packaging of all orders is done in a way to fit standard sized letter boxes which means you don’t have to be home to receive your order. 

Q. How do I pay for my order?

A. We accept payments made through Paypal which is the safest method of payment for goods purchased online. You just need to make an account on Paypal and get your bank account or debit card linked to make payments online. You can also buy our Tagband kit from Amazon or Ebay if you wish.