What is a skin tag?

Skin tags are non-malignant skin coloured growths on the surface of skin. These growths look unappealing if they sprout on exposed body parts such as face, neck and arms and are quite uncomfortable as they tend to get injured if they are wound up in clothes and jewelry. They mostly occur at places where skin constantly rubs against itself including armpits, groin, neck and other skin folds and are made up of fat cells, nerve cells, fibrous tissues and ducts and have a smooth texture. These fleshy growths are attached to skin’s surface with a peduncle and can move around its base.

When NOT to remove a skin tag?

You should not try to remove skin tags with the TagBand kit if you have previously been diagnosed with skin cancer or had any skin lesion previously diagnosed as pre-cancerous. TagBand kit is also not suitable for removing skin tags around eyes/eyelid area or on broken skin.

TagBand is intended only to remove skin tags.
Do not use on any other conditions such as moles or warts. TagBand is designed to remove skin tags on all parts of the body excluding sensitive areas such as eyelids, genitals etc.



Skin tags

If you are unsure if your growth is a skin tag, please consult your doctor.

It's that simple

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